Dailies // 27.05.21

Dailies // 27.05.21

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// 27.05.21


Eeeeek!! I'm excited today. I'm soooo close to releasing Club Neon and as part of that update to the website I've added some extra features. ⁠

You can now save your favourite items into Wishlists, create different lists and name them. You can even group lists into boards. Whoop!⁠

❤️Lets say you're moving house, start a Wishlist for your house warming and share it with your friends and family. Create a separate list for items you want to buy yourself.⁠

❤️Create a birthday list for yourself or even *ahem* a Christmas list to share.⁠

❤️Create a gift list for someone else's birthday (I won't mention the C word again 🤭).⁠

❤️A bunch of you and your friends/family/colleagues are chipping in together to buy a gift for someone lovely. Create a Wishlist and share it with your group to decide what to get.⁠

There's so many reasons to create a Wishlist actually that I could go on for hours but I won't. ⁠

Wishlists are active now, go check 'em out and start creating your own.


Neon Gray Wishlist Screenshot
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