Dailies // 21.04.20

Dailies // 21.04.20

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// 21.04.20

To re-open or not re-open.

I've been tentatively thinking about re-opening the website for greeting card orders. Putting Neon Gray on pause was one of the toughest decisions I've had to make. ⁠

I moved house not long before all of this kicked off and creating a space to work from and store stock and all the other things I'd need from the studio wasn't straightforward. I closed the website to avoid unnecessary trips to and from the studio and the post office, but also because I didn't want to be adding to the volume of parcels that Royal Mail were tackling. ⁠

I'm pretty well set up at home now and I saw a live chat between Holly Tucker of Not on the High Street and a representative from Royal Mail. Royal Mail are actively encouraging small businesses to keep selling online and I can easily post cards straight in my local post box. I know there's mixed opinions on this, so I'm wondering what your thoughts are and I've done a poll on Instagram today to test the water. Should I re-open for greeting card sales?

Neon Gray Barrowland Ballroom Greeting Card

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