Dailies // 15.05.20

Dailies // 15.05.20

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// 15.05.20

I've opened the website back up to coasters!

So many of you have been getting in touch to ask about them. I'm very, very short on stock and my manufacturer has temporarily closed their factory. So, once they're gone, it could be quite a while before they're back in stock. Possibly months.⁠

I'll be adding placemats back to the website next week too and then the prints will be the last products to come back online.⁠

This working from home malarky is starting to get a bit unwieldy as I bring more and more home from the studio. Your support though, has been incredible! Thank you to everyone who's been in touch over the last 8 weeks.

Neon Gray Banter Coaster Building and Printing

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