Dailies // 09.04.20

Dailies // 09.04.20

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// 09.04.20


This concept has been in the back of my mind for ages. I've hummed and hawed over it, put it on the back burner, concluded it wasn't going to work and then finally said it out loud to someone else and suddenly, it seemed tangible. Throw a global pandemic into the mix and it became more important than ever to cherish my loyal customers and fans of Neon Gray. Instagram and Facebook only go so far with the infinite scroll. There's so much noise, posts and comments get missed and not everyone wants to be on social media. Newsletters feel too anonymous for me and I tend to save them for bigger announcements.⁠

I wanted to create a membership club, more than a newsletter, more than a post on social media. An exclusive insiders club where I can welcome you into the inner circle and you can support Neon Gray and help shape the future of the brand and the products I make. ⁠

Some of you guys have been following the journey from the very beginning. Cheering me on from the sidelines. Some of you i've even met in person at my studio in Glasgow. That kinda support and loyalty is worth more than money to a little brand like mine, especially right now!⁠

It hasn't fully taken shape yet. I've got a lot of ideas and it's at this stage where I need your input. What would you like to see at Club Neon? What would being able to support a small brand and be part of an exclusive club mean to you? Leave me your thoughts below or drop me a message.

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