Dailies // 07.04.20

Dailies // 07.04.20

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// 07.04.20

Back to basics.⁠

So many of you have been getting in touch with well wishes and asking how I'm doing. In the grand scheme of things, I'm doing good, thank you. I'm healthy, my friends and family are healthy. I'm safely 'working' from home, sharing a makeshift office with Mr Gray. I have someone there every day to get through this with and I feel very fortunate right now.

My mornings are pretty much the same as a normal day would be. I start the day slowly with my coffee, except now I share that time with a coffee buddy. We sit at the kitchen table and enjoy lunch together too. I'm exercising every day and getting back into yoga practice. I'm picking up projects that I've wanted to do for ages but not had the time or energy for. I've found that I actually quite enjoy knitting (believe me I'm as surprised as you), it really quietens my busy brain. I'm eating better, except for my new found addiction to Kit Kats. I'm resetting aspects of my life that I'd let slip. Or trying to anyway. ⁠

I say 'working' because I'm not really. Neon Gray is on pause (kinda) and I'm using this time to get back to basics. To rediscover my photography, to enjoy looking through images, feeling grateful for all those amazing trips away. To feel what it's like to just be a photographer again without that business aspect attached to it. Albeit, it's more infront of the monitor, less behind the camera at the moment. There's no point in planning right now, but there's plenty of time for catch up. Even if my concentration is only good for a few hours a day.⁠

I'm trying to savour this time because when we get to the point where life starts to resemble some sort of normal again, whatever that looks like, I know that all of the above will evaporate. ⁠

What's life looking like for you right now? Drop me a comment, I'd love to hear how you're doing, good or bad.

📷 Instax snap of Pittenweem July 2019.

Instax snap of Pittenweem by Neon Gray

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