Dailies // 09.06.20

Dailies // 09.06.20

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// 09.06.20

I've been down at the studio this week shifting everything around and making a start on rejigging the space. I pulled the shop area apart and removed the shelving and gallery wall from behind where my desk used to be. I've opened up the kitchen area and spent today creating a new space for my desk to live in front of the mural I painted when I moved in. I'm actually quite pleased with the progress despite the mess.⁠

The next stage is going to be rebuilding a workbench before I tackle a whole new shop area. Everything is being repurposed from what I already had in the studio. I want to create a new shop area so it's safe for, probably just 1 person, to come in once non essential shops start to re-open. I'll also be starting click and collect too.⁠

I have really missed being down here. I know a lot of people enjoy working from home, but for me, this has been a really unproductive period and my drive and motivation have already had a boost just being back in my studio again for a few hours.⁠

Neon Gray Studio and Shop in Glasgow

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