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Our Story

Hello, I’m Lesley and welcome to my product label Neon Gray. I'm a travel and landscape photographer and Neon Gray is my passion project. Combining photography and design to create a unique blend of fun, quirky imagery.

Lesley Gray in the Neon Gray studio

I’ve been photographing towns, cities and landscapes across the globe for years but I’ve always had a hankering to delve into home and giftware. If I had to sum Neon Gray up in a few words I'd say vintage nostaligia, retro prints, and analogue photography. I suppose the brand is like my cooler, younger sibling. It's playing around with vintage cameras, throwing it back to the 80s and 90s and remembering summers spent drinking tea with my granny.

It started from a tiny desk in the corner of my living room with a range of 8 greetings cards featuring my love for Glasgow and all things vintage. Little did I know that this first collection would be a success. It’s grown to include more products and designs which I’m still adding to called The Banter. I’m now working on 2 new collections which I’m really excited about.