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Banter Coaster Building and Printing

Banter Coaster Building and Printing

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Still known to many as the College of Building and Printing, now part of the City of Glasgow College.

  • 10 cm square and cork backed.
  • Heat resistant to 145°C.
  • Scratch and stain resistant under normal household conditions.
  • Designed in Scotland, made in the UK.

My most popular product! These coasters are hard wearing melamine and make great gifts. Mix and match designs together and create your own set.

Patter, n. A line in conversation; chat intended to amuse or impress; an insiders language.

Call it what you will, banter, patter, craic or just good chat. Everybody loves a bit of banter right? A well known phrase or words your granny used to say. The Banter Collection has been created with a wee vintage flavour and a healthy dose of Scottish nostalgia.


In February 2021, I joined Ecologi to do more to fight climate change. Not only will I be planting trees every month, you'll be planting trees too with every purchase you make of my products.


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