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Hello, I’m Lesley and welcome to my design label Neon Gray.

Photography is my biggest passion but I also really love design and finding ways of combining the two to create a unique blend.  I’ve been photographing towns, cities and landscapes across the globe for years but I’ve always had a hankering to delve into home and giftware.  It started from a tiny desk in the corner of my living room with a range of 8 greetings cards which featured my love for Glasgow and all things vintage.  Little did I know then that the range would be a success and grow to include more products and designs which I’m still adding to.

I’m now working on a new collection which I’m aiming to launch in 2018.  I spend a great deal of time enjoying sunsets and sunrises and photographing them is just part of life for me.  I’m going to be working with textiles this time and I’m really excited to see it develop.

I created Neon Gray with the help of some very talented ladies who recognised that my home and giftware products needed a separate brand to set them apart from my travel and landscape photographs.  A huge thanks goes out to Maria from Luminate PR and Gillian from BlockFace Design Studio who I can’t recommend highly enough!

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